eRowz (mother company) scholarship program

Just by submitting an essay and listing your academic achievements, you could win $2,000 towards your university or college scholarship. Open to all students who are interested in the study of personality type theory, are offering this chance to win to students on accredited graduate and undergraduate courses.

About is the website of eRowz in Germany.

Passionate about helping students to fulfil their true potential, it is our belief that finances shouldn't be a barrier to learning and personal development. This is why we'll be awarding the first prize of $2,000 to one student, with a prize of $500 awarded to the second-placed applicant.

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Eligibility for this scholarship funding is dependent on the following criteria: all applicants must  enrolled on an undergraduate or graduate course of study at an accredited university or college. While all major fields of study are eligible, you must have at least 15 hours of credit to your name upon submission. Your application will be judged on the quality of your essay, your contributions to your particular field of study and the total of your academic and non-academic achievements. The winner will be selected on the merits of the application alone. Financial circumstances will not be taken into account.

Rules of Submission

In order to be eligible for the $2,000 funding, you must write a 1000-word essay about your field of study.  When writing your essay include you should consider the following questions:

  • What sparked your interest in your field of study?

  • How have you applied what you’re learning in your everyday life?

  • What practical benefits have come of what you are learning?

  • Who or what influenced or persuaded you to chose your particular field of study?

  • How have you used what you have learned to benefit the wider society?

Of course, these questions should be treated as a basic guide. The ability to communicate your personal point of view in a way that strikes a chord with the judges is of the greatest importance. The quality of the essay you write will be paramount  to your success, as your application will be competing with those from other students of the highest levels of academic achievement.

Completed applications should include your full name, address, phone number, email address, your chosen field of study, a list of your academic and non-academic achievements to date, along with as a copy of your completed essay. Your application may be disregarded if you do not ensure to provide all of the details requested. There is no charge for applications for this scholarship.

The winning application will be picked by our judges around six weeks after the closing date. The winning essays will be published on our website and social media channels. Please use our contact form to apply.

We wish you the best of luck!